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Cheaper & Faster

CERVEZA utilizes Tezos' Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism in which participants provide only the necessary computational resources to keep the network working. It is inexpensive and fast as compared to other blockchains that use PoW and other PoS processes.
900% lower fees
Executing a smart contract will be 9x cheaper.
* compared to Ethereum
166% faster
Tezos processes 40 TPS compared to Ethereum’s 15 TPS.
* compared to Ethereum

Here’s what you can expect next

If you have questions, ideas or you want to join, reach out on telegram, discord or directly
Direct Swapping
You'll be able to swap Tezos for delicious CERVEZA ($CVZA) directly on freibier.io – easy access to beer should be part of our constitution, no?
Buy with Ethereum
Cross Chain Swapping
You'll be able to order fresh CERVEZA ($CVZA) for Etherum directly on freibier.io. We take care of the swapping in the back. Like in a good bar, you won't be bothered with the drama in the back.
Become a brewer
Version 2 will offer you to to stake QuipuSwap LP token ($XTZ/$CVZA) and get rewarded with additional gently brewed Cerveza.
More Farms and Pools
More Options
A staking option will be added once the brewery is live.
Receive Airdrops
Get wasted
Stakers of $CVZA and $CVZA/XTZ-LP will automatically participate in all airdrops carried out through our platform!
Airdrop tool frontend
Airdrops as a Service
A frontend for the airdrop tool will be launched in July and allow project owners to manage their airdrops by themselves.

Common Questions

If you have questions reach out on telegram, discord or directly.
In a crown cap

We aim to reduce fluctuation and risk for tokens on the tezos chain. The biggest risk for young projects is that token holders sell too early. This can kill projects right from the start and it also hurts the crypto scene as a whole.And what better to create stability and security than by handing everyone beer, right? That's what we thought. So what we do is to incentivize folks to hold their token longer. And the way we do it is to give them even more beer! Well, we give them more beer, the longer they can abstain from leaving the party. That's a trick every good host knows. The tricky part is that a good party requires attention and effort that teams usually don't have. That's where we come in. We organize the airdrops and provide software that handles all the freibier.
The longer you stay at the party, the more beer you'll get. That serves the token projects and the party guests. Freibier is a win-win.

What's with the name "Freibier"

Freibier is everyone's favorite word in Germany. It translates to "free beer". Since we're a German development team, we love beer, especially when it's free. How is it connected to this project? All CERVEZA ($CVZA) holders will get more beer in the form of CERVEZA ($CVZA) over time depending on how long and how many CERVEZA tokens they hold. Since free beer is why everyone is here, we thought we could call it free beer to begin with.

Can the CVZA token be traded already?

Yes. Early birds can buy the first Cervezas already. Keep in mind, being an early party guest requires you to stay at the party at least until the party peaked. The rules for a good party in the real world apply especially when celebrating with good friends online.

What does Cerveza stand for?

The CERVEZA token ($CVZA) is part of the Tezos ecosystem, where Mexican-themed "food tokens" are growing fast: tacos, burritos, steak, and nachos... whatever food you order on the tezos food truck, get a cool Cerveza with it! Cerveza is Spanish for beer. You see, we’re international - Beer is a universal love language.

When will I be able to participate in airdrops of other tokens with my CERVEZA?

We're developing the technology to manage and automate  airdrops as we speak. We’re also in contact with the first token projects. Once we have launched this service you will be notified. The time and number of CERVEZA tokens you held at this time will already be taken into account when it comes to distributing the first airdrops of other token projects.